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If you live in an older home, chances are you have a 3 gallons per flush toilet. While most of these older toilets are repairable, getting it replaced with one of the new 1.6 gallons per flush toilets is a wise decision.  Switching to a low flow toilet not only will help the environment by conserving water, but it will also help lower your water bill.

You may know someone who has complained about their low flow toilet not flushing properly.  When the federal government first put into law that all toilets made could not flush more than 1.6 gallons, manufactures scrambled to comply with this law, so therefore poorly performing toilets were made. People started complaining and manufactures have since developed toilets that flush as good, if not better than the old 3 gallons per flush toilets.

Whether your toilet needs to be replaced because it has problems or you just want a new low flow toilet, or you just want it repaired, let our expert plumbers at Max Quality Plumbing & Drain be the one to do it for you.  Please contact us today at 817-343-4951 to schedule an appointment. With Max Quality Plumbing & Drain you can be sure that Maximum Quality Is Our Top Priority!

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